Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Welcome back!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to school. I hope you are all ready for lots of hard work and exciting learning this term.

To kick off our first Integrated Thematic Unit (ITU): ASTRONOMY: Our Place in Space, we are having a little competition between the classes. We all need to make a collection of 100 items related to SPACE in some way. (It could be a 'Mars' wrapper for example or a CD of space music, or a book about Space, or a picture of something to do with space).

The first class to reach 100 items will be awarded 25 house points for each house which will get you off to a great start in the house point competition this year.

Now make sure you bring everything you need for school this week (and every week). As you get given books to take home, please cover them in clear plastic to keep them clean and strong all year.

It is very important that you read and go through all the information in the newly designed HOMEWORK DIARY. You also need to make sure your parents sign it as soon as you have talked about it together. They also need to sign it each day when you have completed your homework.

You probably won't get your first reading books home until Wednesday of the first week. This will be the same across the Upper Primary Department so don't worry. When you do take books home, remember to READ them and get your parents to write in the Reading Record book and sign it each time you read to them.

Lots of things will be familiar to you in Y5 like 3 Minute Maths and Daily Maths, as well as Abacus Maths, but there will also be many new things. The main thing is, don't worry, make sure you ask questons if you don't know or understand something or if you need help.

Work hard and always try your best. If you can manage all that, we're going to have a great year together!

Mrs. Ward

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