Thursday, 4 September 2008

This weekend's homework

1. Key Comprehension Unit 26. 'Hopscoth Tots'. We are doing this because we are going to learn about newspaper reports. We have already read and talked about this story in class and been through some of the more difficult vocabulary, so you should now be able to answer the questions. Do this in your grey 'Homework' book. Remember to write in full sentences please!

2. Your maths task is a game for two, so try to persuade someone to play it with you. You CAN do it on your own, but that's not the best option. This game is really a revision of what you've been doing in maths this week so make sure you do it!

3. Reading, you all have one book to get you started. Your group may change next week as I am still making sure everyone is on the right level for them, so make sure you read this first book and I will ask you about it after the weekend.

Look around the blog for the mystery quiz question. Anyone who come in on Saturday with the answer will win a HOUSE point for their team.

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