Sunday, 7 September 2008

Today's Homework

1. Daily Maths. ONLY do the FIRST part please. Do it in your maths homework book. It is finding numbers on a number line. Should be easy.
2. PCM (Photocopy Masters Book) Page 3 is a game to revise what you did last week. Page 4 is what we did today in class, rounding to the nearest...
BUT this is thousands. The numbers down the left hand column are the numbers you have to get closest to. For example, in the first column you have to get nearest to 1000. You have 4,7,9,and 1. The correct order to make the nearest thousand 1000 would be 1479 or 1497.

In the next row you have to make 2000 the nearest thousand, so the order would be 1947 or 1974. Get it? We shall see tomorrow!

3. Reading - You all have two more books each today. Pace yourselves, they will last you until Wednesday.

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