Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Today's Homework

1. Daily Maths part 2. It is about place value. You have to say the value of the BOLD number. Look at the example to help you and remember the place value columns. Th, H, T and U. Do this in your homework book.

2. PCM Pages 23 and 24. I explained these at length in class today so I hope you'll be OK with them. remember, it is NOT nearest 10 or 100, it is the NEXT 10 or 100, so you always round UP.

Remember spelling test tomorrow, and new reading books for group reading.
Have a good evening.

P.S. A couple of people have come to me with requests to do their homework at lunchtime if their family is having a huge get-together during Ramadan (meaning they won't have a chance to do their homework during the evening). During Ramadan, and only if you ASK me, I will allow this. However after the Eid break, I will be expecting ALL of you to do your homework the day it was set at HOME. Thanks.

Mrs . W.

......COMING SOON (for parents) - What is the OPEN HOUSE EVENING?.......

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