Saturday, 4 October 2008

OPEN HOUSE - What is it?

Dear Parents,
Monday 6th October brings the all new 'Open House' to the Primary School. It is an opportunity to come in and meet me (your child's teacher). I will be giving a talk about the kinds of things we do and general expectations for Year 5 and my class. You will also have a handbook to take away which gives more details about some of the things I will be talking about. I will be carrying out a 3 Minute Maths activity with you in the same way I would do it with the class. There will also be an opportunity to ask me questions of a general nature but I won't be able to answer specific questions about your child during this time, so please don't ask me! There will be designated parent/teacher conference evenings in November. If you have a particular concern now that you would like to discuss, we can make a separate appointment.
If you can't make the Open House Evening for any reason, no need to worry, you will still get all the information, you will just miss out on the personal touch of meeting me face-to-face.

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