Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Today's Homework

You should all have stuck this in your homework book, but here it is again incase you didn't:

What is a Cautionary Tale?
A Cautionary Tale is a story which tries to teach young children how to behave. It teaches them that if they do something wrong, or disobey their parents, something bad will happen to them, or they could even be killed.
A lot of the ones I have read to you are very old fashioned and were written a long time ago. There is a link to more on the class Blog http://www.mrswardsclass.blogspot.com/
So please have a look there and read some more to give you more ideas.
Examples that you know well are ‘Matilda – who told lies and was burned to death’ , ‘Jim – who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion’ and Albert – (Who was eaten by a lion after he poked it with a stick).

Your story can rhyme if you want it to, like the ones I have read to you, but it does not need to. The idea is that you make up a short story which teaches young children not to do something naughty. You have already made a list of ‘naughty things young children do’ in your book, so use one of them for an idea.

Bring your stories ready to read to the class on Saturday 25th October 2008.
If they are good I will ask if we can visit Lower Primary to read some to the children.

Daily Maths 1 today is about simple division facts. DO you know your tables? It would help you if you do!

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