Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Prospective Student Councillors

I was so proud of the class today. So many of them said they wanted to be the Student Council Representative, we had to divide the campaign speeches into two days!

It shows that a lot of people in our class care about helping their fellow students and they are prepared to come up with ideas to make the school a better place for everyone!
This is a picture of all the candidates.
Lovine is not in the picture, but she has decided she also wants to stand.

So far these people have given their speeches to the class about why they want the job and why we should vote for them: Omar, Zayn, Jad, Jana, Tarek, Sultan and Youssef N.

Many people had prepared typed speeches and others really showed that they had thought about the important issues concerning the students; it was very impressive.

Tomorrow we will hear the other candidates and do the voting.......

We were discussing the fact that our class elections were quite similar to political elections in some ways (preparing campaign speeches, outlining policies which the voters are interested in etc.) which of course is very topical with the USA voting for their new President today! We even had some bribing going on with a certain candidate promising the voters their choice of Krispy Kremes if they voted for him!

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.
Mrs. W.

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