Friday, 16 January 2009

Homework blip!

Sorry folks, Call it 'New Year itis'.
I did not post the homework on Tuesday or Wednesday this week and WHAT a test it has been for some people to see whether or not they have been writing their homework down!!

On Tuesday, you had the Daily Maths 3 which was sequences, and a page from 'Books I have Read' (The book review book). On Wednesday you had the start of the actual HOME TOWN PROJECT that you were told about before the long holiday (pages of comprehensive notes were given out to help) and page 103 from the PCM book which is about reading scales.

Just a note to the children: It is YOUR responsibilty and yours alone to a) write down your homework properly (and you are given plenty of time to do this in class), and b) make sure you take the correct books home to do the homework. The ONLY excuse is if you are sent home ill early or if you are absent. I shall be collecting the diaries in on Saturday (as usual), and every Saturday to do a check to see who is not doing this!

Mrs. W

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