Wednesday, 21 January 2009

This weekend's homework

Hi Guys,
Sorry about yesterday (not posting the homework), but I know you all wrote it down carefull;y because I have had a look at the questions that you wrote for an Usfan resident. On the whole, a good job! The PCM last night (p15) also looks like it was successful. At last you are learning about the special relationship between mulitplication and division. Hoorah!

This weekend the PCM (p 35) is about changing metres into centimetres (in other words x100) so it should be straight forward enough.
Also, you need to keep on preparing your 'Home Town Project'. Remember, you will be presenting your project to the class in any way you like: a power point presentation, poster, or a talk with props. You decide.

Apolpgies to Omar for not posting him on last week as the 'Pupil of the Week'. I have a small problem with my camera and can't download photos at the moment. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon and we will see his smiling face as last week star pupil.

Have a lovely weekend!
Mrs. W

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