Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Catch Up Time...

Oh my WORD WHAT a busy week it has been! Well rehearsals for our assembly got under way and after a couple of fraught moments when I thought I was going to burst....people SEEM to be understanding what they need to do to make it SPECTACULAR!

We also had a new addition to the class this week in the form of MARTHA STEVENS. Here she is pictured below Jana and Jacob. She arrived on Sunday and has settled straight in, getting herself involved in the choir of 'The Frog Prince' on her first day, and being thrown right in at the deep end with our assembly next week. (She already knows her words!) We all welcome her to Y5-5 and look forward to getting to know her better.

I am also SERIOUSLY behind with posting on here (sorry). JACOB was last week's PUPIL OF THE WEEK, and today JANA got chosen for this week. Both of them have been doing so well recently. Also JANA has THE most stunning assembly voice in the whole class at the moment. I am hoping everyone follows her example.

As for homework, as you know I have asked everyone to concentrate on learning their assembly words and the words to the song we are singing. Yesterday I did send a maths page PCM 43, and 'The Island' Week 5 which was the invitation and then the description of unwanted guests arriving at the party!! That isn't due in until Saturday.
Today I gave a maths game (PCM 44) which reinforces the multiplication we have been doing this week. Have fun with it! BUT make sure you KNOW ALL YOUR words for the assembly by SATURDAY. NO scripts will be allowed on stage from Saturday onwards.

Lastly but not leastly, Happy Birthday today to Thea, whose Mum kindly brought in some delicious home made cup cakes for us to enjoy this afternoon. I will post some pictures. You can almost taste them...Mmmm.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs. Ward. XXX

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i think it was a busy day