Friday, 27 March 2009

Bare Blog!

Dear All,

Many apologies to those of you who use this Blog (all two of you!). It has been a week of emptiness, so sorry. It has been a busy week at school with lots of extra rehearsals for 'The Frog Prince', which as you know is this coming week.

We are also making preparations for Book Week (next week). As part of our work on Narrative Poetry, we are learning 'The Three Little Pigs' (The Revolting Rhymes version) off by heart in class for a Choral Performance. Everyone was given a section to learn as part of their weekend homework. We have been working on our door cover with lots of mini technology projects involved; making the three houses, the pigs themselves in 3D and the wolf's head. (See the pictures above.)

We also started making our musical instruments this week which the children have designed themselves. (See the pictures at the bottom of the blog). So it's been a very practical week.

We had another good dicsussion onWednesday about who had had a good week and many of you nominated Tarek and had a good idea as to why he deserved to be Pupil of the Week. It was also good to hear that Youssef N. has been a lot more considerate in football games, showing a huge improvement, so he recieved a Teacher's Award for that.
(The boys are pictured above on the far right of each picture).

By order of Mr. Hugo there will be no homework for ANYONE on Sunday, Monday Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

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