Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This weekend's homework

Weekend Homework - Wednesday 29th April Y5.5

Magnetism and Electricity Application (Can you demonstrate what you’ve learned?)

We have been investigating how magnets work and how to make working electrical circuits this week.
For homework, I want you to use what you have learned to design a mini game which uses either magnetism or electricity to work. The game you design should be ‘hand-held size’ (no bigger than a PSP).
You need to reflect on what you have learned: Which materials are magnetic? What do you need to make a complete circuit? What needs to happen to make a buzzer work, or a bulb to light up? How could this info. be used in a ‘real’ game design.
Your design needs to be realistic (remember your musical instruments!), it needs to be able to be made with available materials (we don’t have factories or fancy components). You can use what we have at school, or things available to you at home in your design.
You need to draw and carefully label your design, and write about how your game will work.
Everyone will do a design. We will then analyse them as a class and select the 5 best which we will make in small groups.
In order to have a chance of getting your design chosen, it needs to meet the design criteria:
1. Hand –held size
2. Realistic/ Achievable to make with available materials
3. Has a working magnetic or electrical component
4. Fun/interesting design which appeals to your age range.
5. Design must be carefully drawn and clearly labeled, with accompanying instructions for how to play.

You have a whole week to do this, so make it good!
Good luck!

Have a look at these images, they might inspire your own design:
Mrs. Ward

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