Sunday, 5 April 2009

What a lovely day in Book Week!

Dear Folks,
Yes, it is ANOTHER exhausting week at BISJ (aren't they all?)
There is homework this week, and today's was:
For Challenge maths group: the divisibility challenge activity, plus the extended PCM p62.
For everyone else, it was PCM p61 and 62.

We had an AMAZING day today in our class, even though I have only just got in from choir practice at almost 10:30 pm, I HAD to write a post.

First of all, we went over to Y1-4 (Mrs. Sowerby's class) this morning to meet up with our Y1 reading partners. Our class took a book along to share and the Y1s shared some little books that they had made, which were gorgeous. I was so proud of everyone as they sat with and interacted with the little 5 and 6 year olds. It was a magical moment.

Then, we hot-footed it back to class to work on our book of Narrative Poems that we've been creating for Book Week. We managed to get most of the class to publish their poem on the computer and print them out, just a handful left to finish. They really are super. We have some budding 'Michael Rosens' amongst us!

After morning break, Mrs. Hekking (who is looking after Mrs. Messer's class YE-1) came to read a funny story to the class which everyone enjoyed. Also several people went to listen to Mr. Gamwell and other teachers in the story tent today.

This afternoon we had the FINAL of the Y5 Performance Reading Contest. The atmosphere was tense, the nerves were high for our 6 finalists, one from each class: Mohammed, Faisal, Emily, Bianca, Martha and Sam......
Obviously we were all rooting for Martha, as the representative from our class.
She did not disappoint us. She was AMAZING. She said she was nervous but she did not seem it. She gave a wonderful recitation of the first half of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' from Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes'. It was an absolute delight to see her interpret the poem, and make it her own in her performance. It was a very difficult decision for the 6 class teachers (and judges). We all wanted our own class to win, of course, but all the teachers agreed, after discussion, that Martha was the best person to represent the Year Group in the cross-Primary Assembly on Tuesday. YAY!! I am so proud of her. I will add a picture tomorrow of her 'mid-recitation'.

We also had a quiz about the Revolting Rhymes and Roald Dahl. All the number 17s from the registers from across the classes came first. In our class, that number is represented by AMIRA, so well done to her too!

Phew, what a day! Let's hope we have enough energy to get through the week!
By the way, our class also created THE most fantastic door cover for Book Week. I will add a photo, but it has to be seen live to be appreciated!

Wow, we are all going to deserve our Spring Holiday!

Love Mrs. W.

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