Wednesday, 6 May 2009

PUPIL OF THE WEEK and 'Teacher's Awards' this week

As usual , there were many suggestions by you as to who deserved to be rewarded this week. I love the way you are all very good at seeing the good in each other. It's a great skill to have. I really enjoy our Wednesday afternoon weekly reflection lesson where we all speak about the good things that people have done throughout the week. It always helps me start the weekend with a warm fuzzy feeling! But you know I am big softy.

Camy was an outright winner for 'Pupil of the Week' as she has appeared in many of the Y5 leadership lists for athletics this week, along with organising the whole class in the 'surprise party' yesterday. (She was a bit upset that my camera was at home 'resting', so I will catch up with photos on Saturday).

Teacher's Awards went to Mohammed for his part in the Y5.5 surprise party masterplan. Awards
also went to Tarek and Lovine for being incredibly brave and honest as they both asked to change maths groups as they were having a few difficulties in their current groups. It takes a lot to do this, well done both of you.

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