Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Weekend homework.

Hi Folks,
Week two over already. I can hardly believe it! It's been a good week (mostly). One thing that has really made me in a bad mood though is the fact that quite a few people are not yet in the habit of remembering to take the relevant books home to complete their homework. A few came in with it on pieces of paper. As one mum pointed out, at least they bothered to do it, which is very true. However, I would much rather my class were organised and did not forget their books!!! Let's try for perfection next week! :-)

So this weekend...
1. Week 2 of 'The Island', which really has two parts to it. The full instructions have been stuck into your blue English Homework books. First of all you need to do a creative piece of writing about how you got to the island, what happened to you on the way, what did you see when you got there, how did you feel? etc. I would do it like a diary. It is about YOU, it's your island, so you will write in the 'first person' That means you use 'I'.

e.g. ' I thought I saw land in the distance through the mist, although after three months at sea I was beginning to think my mind was playing tricks on me. After what felt like a lifetime, the mist cleared to reveal what looked like the most beautiful place on earth...'

The second part is that you have to choose 5 people from the given list to be on the island with you, (maybe they and you are the only survivors of the journey). You need to give good reasons for choosing them. Look at their skills and think about who would be the most useful as you are starting a new settlement.

2. Daily Maths sections 4 and 5. (We did speak about this in class, so I hope you remember enough to have a go!)

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