Monday, 2 November 2009

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Today we are concentrating on Maths (but you have got your spellings to learn and some of you have reading too).

1. Daily Maths 3 - It's rounding involving decimals. Remember the rule, if the last digit (in this case the tenths) is 5 or more, you round UP, if it is less than 5, round DOWN. Good luck.

2. PCM page 100. It's about converting units of measurement (length). We were working on this in class earlier in the week. Use the 'top tip' you have written in your book to help you remember how to convert.

3. Book Length: a fun measuring activity. How good are you at using a cm/mm ruler accurately? We will find out in class later on in the week, but do this task to help you warm up your accurate measuring skills.

Mrs. W.

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