Monday, 9 November 2009

Today's Homework

Sorry it's a bit late today folks, Just another one of those manic Mondays!

I expect you have already finished your homework and are off to bed now (just after 7pm). At least I hope so! I will ask you tomorrow!

Today, I gave you
PCM pages 26 and 27. For the past few days we have been looking at strategies for adding several numbers together. These two pages will review this and give you more practice. The first page is adding multiples of 10. Remember, look for easy numbers to add together first, such as doubles, or pairs that make 100, then add the other number.
The second page is tens and units, adding several numbers. try to remember what you have been taught: Can the units of the numbers make tens? If so, add them together first. Look for doubles as they are easy to add. Can any of the numbers add together to make a hundred? All these tips will help you add several numbers together.

Maths Game 'Guess My Four' you can play any time. We will also play it in school. I went through the instructions with you, so you should be fine with that. it will be really good for your mental adding and estimating skills. :-)

You all have reading and spelling, and Purple group were also given their READING LOGS, so you can make a start on that first activity, but that doesn't need to be completed until Saturday.

Good night. Sleep tight.
Mrs. W. XXX

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