Saturday, 21 November 2009

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Wow! I was so impressed that 18 out of 20 of you brought in some cookies that you had baked to share with the class, and one of the people who didn't didn't even know about it as he was away!! That is amazing commitment. One Mum even went out and bought weighing scales especially. FANTASTIC. I will put a photo of some of the cookies later.

So, homework:
1. Spelling activity. Today's words all have an 'f' sound at the end ofthe word, but just to confuse you, there are three different spellings of the sound 'f' in English!!! Have fun learning these and completing the activity.
2. Daily Maths 1 and 3. This is revision of rounding and some multiplication tables practice. Remember division is the opposite of multiplication.

Mrs. W.

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