Wednesday, 9 December 2009

This weekend's homework

Hi Folks,
Two tasks this weekend. The maths one is due on Saturday, but the 'Mission Log' does not need to be handed in until Monday 14th. (I thought I'd give you more time as it is the Festival of Football and Winter Fair this weekend)
So, the tasks...
The Oort Cloud Mission Log. This is a six week long project to last throughout the Astronomy ITU. There is a detailed Mission Statement glued into your homework book. Read it carefully. There is also Week 1: Countdown to Adventure, which details the first week of the imaginary space voyage you are going to take. You are only writing about the first week of the voyage. The details are clearly written for you which you need to refer to and include. You are writing this in the style of a diary. You can either write 'Dear Diary' at the beginning OR 'Mission Log - Star Date 09/12/09' if you want to get into the space mood.
The maths task, from Mrs. Noibi, is converting the table into a BAR-LINE graph. She also explained this very carefully and gave you a printed sheet of instructions and some graph paper. Follow the instructions and draw your graph as carefully as you can.

See you all tomorrow at the Winter Fair. My Stall is 'Cake Decorating', and you can throw sponges at me at 12:15 to 12:30, although I am sure you will not want to! You might want to know when you can 'sponge' other teachers so here's the schedule:
Ms. Spencer 12pm, Me 12:15, Mr. Belfield 12:30, Mr. Hammel 12:45, Mr. Pratt 1pm, Mrs. Ellis 1:15, Miss Cordina 1:30, Mrs. Sheibani 1:45, Mr Hugo 2pm, Mr Catley 2:15, Mrs. Uthman 2:30, Mrs. Pratt 2:45, and Mr. Ward at 3pm.
Love Mrs. Ward.

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