Monday, 14 December 2009

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Most of you did not impress Mrs. Noibi with your Honesty Journals!! Most people put nowhere near enough effort into it. Aren't you lucky it is carrying on far another week? You have a chance to make up for it next time.
You have two PCM pages, page 9 and page 12. Some of you may have done some of page 12 in class the other day, so make sure it is finished for homework.
Reading and Reading Log activity, plus making sure you are learning/revising those spellings plus the relevant times tables for the test on Wednesday.
Have a nice evening.
Mrs. Ward.
PS Just to make it clear, so you parents do not want to KILL me. Please don't feel you have to get me a Christmas present. Thanks to those of you who have already given me gifts, but please feel under no obligation to do so. (I was only joking about the emerald and diamond bracelet!!!)

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