Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Welcome Back! and today's homework

Hi Folks,
It has been a very short week with only 2 days, and only 15 students in, but we still managed to get a lot done, despite getting distracting by the short rain shower this morning. Anyone would think it never rains here! The same thing used to happen to my classes back in England, but that was when it SNOWED!
Anwyay, today's homework:
1. SPACE 100 - The competition is ON in Y5. Who will be the first class to collect 100 items related to SPACE??? Y5.5 of COURSE! Have a look around your house for anything that is connected to space in some way. It can be something with a name that is linked to space, like a 'Mars' bar, or 'Galaxy', or it can be an actual object related to space, like a model rocket or a plastic star. Get the idea? The first class to reach 100 objects will each receive a small prize! You can bring as many objects in as you like, but make sure you have permission to keep them in school for at least a week, maybe two.
2. PCM page 126. Line graphs. You have learned how to draw and answer questions about line graphs this week. This page gives you the line graph. You need to look at it carefully and interpret the data.
3. Additional Earnings (maths task): This activity revises the addition of large numbers that we did last week. You can use whichever method you like to calculate the answers (short or long), but you must show your working out in your homework books.

Have fun and don't forget to rest too over the weekend.
Mrs. Ward XXX

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