Wednesday, 13 January 2010

This weekend's homework

Hi Folks,
Here's your homework this weekend:
1. The Oort Cloud Mission Week 4. These are shaping up well, but there is one main area of weakness across the class. You are not inculding enough emotional response to what is happening on the Mission. For example, if your space suit is melting as the temperature is so hot, how would you feel about it? Is it likely, that you would just say 'Our suits started melting, so we aborted the mission early...'? THINK about how you would feel in this amazing mission. I know it's hard, as none of you have been to space, but use your IMAGINATION!

2. PCM p114. Identifying different triangles. We have been learning about triangles this week so you should be able to complete this without too much difficulty. BE careful with the right angled triangles. Use a right angle checker (the corner of a book or folded piece of paper) to check them.

3. MUSIC homework: Mrs. Zanetti has asked you to do a research task about the instruments of the orchestra. You all know which family of instruments you are researching and within your groups you should have chosen a particular instrument. She wants you to present your research next Tuesday in your next Music Lesson. You can use visual aids, such as props and posters, or you can do a Powerpoint presentation if you wish. Do not leave this until Monday night, as you will have other homework to do.

Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for working so hard again this week.
Mrs. W. XXX

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