Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This weekend's homework

Hi Folks,
We've made it to yet another weekend. Wow! How time flies when you are having fun!
Work for the weekend?
1. THE FINAL EXCITING, DRAMATIC and HEART-WRENCHING episode of ...The Oort Cloud Mission. Some of you may not return to Earth alive... Make the most of the weekend with your families.
2. PCM page 17 and 18. Fractions!!! I know you have really enjoyed fractions this week. Page 17 is about changing mixed numbers into improper fractions. REMEMBER: Multiply the WHOLE number by the Denominator (bottom of the fraction), THEN add the Numerator. Write the answer as the new Numerator. THE DENOMINATOR ALWAYS STAYS THE SAME!!!
Page 18 is about EQUIVALENT fractions. TOP TIP: The Denominator is how many separate 'bits' there are, the Numerator is how much is shaded in. Use the pictures to help you.

Good Luck. Also, make sure you complete your Reading Logs AND that you read DAILY and get your diary signed.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs. W. XXX

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