Saturday, 30 January 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Hope you had a good weekend. Here's today's homework.
1. Write and decorate a book review on the sheet provided. Write it about a book you have read recently. You could even do 'The Indian in the Cupboard' as we finished that last week. Put as much detail on it as you can. Mrs. Moore will choose the best ones for a display in the corridor!
2. Daily Maths 1
3. Learn your spellings! Plus the usual Reading.

PS I was really pleased that many of you were so motivated by your constellation myth that you handed it in today, but the reason I gave you a whole week was so that you could spend a bit of time on it, to make it the best it could be... I hope the ones who finished it over the weekend are satisfied that they did their best... We shall see, when I've read them!

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