Saturday, 3 April 2010

Book Week fun!

Hi Folks,
Well, we've had such a busy time of it recently, what with the show and Mrs. Ward being off for two days. The Blog has been somewhat neglected. I will attempt to get it up to date for the holidays.
Let's start with a few pictures of Book Week:The pictures above show our class on BOOK DAY in their costumes. We also had hand made books, as shown for our Y1 book buddies and it was on this day that we gave them to the children. It was really hard to part with the books as so much effort had gone into them, but the Y1s gave us book marks that they had made in return, so everyone felt a bit better. The children in Y5.5 spent a long time and a lot of effort writing myths and legends suitable for their Y1 buddy. They sewed the pages of the book together themselves, made the cover, typed up the text and found or drew illustrations to decorate their text. the results were amazing and the Y1 children really were impressed!
A very successful end to the ITU and the term. Well done!
Mrs. W.

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