Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mrs. Ward's Birthday Surprise!

Well, I knew you were sneaky, but I have no idea how you kept today a secret, AND got Mr. Geissler involved!
I could not believe how much effort you all went to to make my birthday a special day. Thanks so much. You are a very special class.
Love Mrs. Ward XXX

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Anonymous said...

we were all so exited we sent people on look out and we were all rushing around nikitha drew the card we all signed it salma yasmine nikitha and me rushed down to mr geisslers office to get every thing we ran up the stairs and into the class room dina was at the stairs to keep a look out for you so when she couldnt see you so we could go through when you were talking to mr geisslerevery one was freaking out screaming SHE IS COMING