Wednesday, 12 May 2010

This weekend's homework

Hi Folks,
This weekend I want you to work on your first draft of your persuasive letter. Use the coloured leaflet I gave you today. It has ALL the top tips you need to write a really persuasive letter. We talked about the issues of car safety in PSHE this week. You all know the dangers of children not being safely strapped into car seats and what can happen when people do not wear seat belts in cars.
We WILL send our letters to the Ministry for real, and if YOU make a good enough argument, eventually, the law could get changed to make driving in this country a lot safer.
Try your best and use all the helpful tips I have given you to come up with brilliant persuasive letters.

Daily Maths 3 is a little practice changing mm into cm, which is simple revision, so should be no problem. look at the example to remind you.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs. W. XXX

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