Monday, 7 June 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks, I hope you are tucked up in bed after our little talk today from Dr. Meivis about staying healthy!!!
I know some of you were pre-occupied with a certain person's surprise party this afternoon and may not have had time to do your homework, But if you did it, just to make sure....

Your homework was NOT to watch Disney channel from 3pm to bed time!!! It is MATHS to see if you can calculate durations and if you can add minutes together to make hours... So after choosing ONE programme, and writing it's duration (which is just reading it from the sheet0. Then you add ALL the durations together and see how many hours and minutes the whole schedule is.
Easy Huh?

I know you were given Islamic Civ. homework to day so I was easy on you. Apart from reading and log activity that's IT from me.

Mrs.W. XXX

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