Monday, 21 June 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Today's homework is a bit different...
I gave you a picture of a head with a 'feelings map' on it: The head divided into sections with different feelings in each section. On the plain white paper, make your OWN feelings map. You can use the ideas on the example but also add your own personal feelings to make yours different from everybody else's. Make it look interesting and add colours and small drawings to make it presentable.

Also, on the back of the 'feelings map' sheet are 4 short poems about feelings. Read them and let them inspire you to write a short poem of your own about a strong feeling you have had. It can be a general poem about say 'times when you have felt happy' or about a specific event like 'How I felt when my baby brother was born'.
It DOES NOT HAVE TO RHYME, and can be brief, like the examples on the sheet, but it should convey your real feelings.

Mr Hammel asked you to do some word problems for homework today following his session, so that will be that maths part today.

Mrs. W. XXX

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