Friday, 25 June 2010

The Wait is OVER!! Outdoor Education, here we come...

Hi Folks,
All being well, tomorrow morning we will be heading off for 'Silver Sands' to begin our 4 day Outdoor Education Programme.
We have waited all year, over 200 days..... and now the day is here! Let's hope that the weather is on our side in the morning. Fortunately, there is plenty of fresh water to keep us hydrated at the beach and the sea to jump into to keep us cool.

Please remember to bring all of the equipment you have been asked to: i.e. 2 spare T shirts, snorkel, mask, towel, underwear and clothes (if you wear your swimmers there), hat, sun cream, water bottle, healthy lunch and snack as well as the appropriate foot wear. You can wear Crocs or flip flops TO the beach, but you need proper reef or diving shoes when you do the activities.

We will be doing lots of team games, challenges and activities. I am just as excited as you! Let's hope it's a great week.

See you in the morning for the BIG day.
Mrs. Ward xxx

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