Saturday, 18 September 2010

First Day in Y5.5!

HI Folks,

I wonder how many of you will see this tonight. I hope you have all been able to visit your new class Blog for the first time! We had a busy day today preparing for the Year Group Assembly. We made up mini scenes about life in school to remind the Y5 students what is expected of them. We did 3 Minute Maths, a sample of our best handwriting, a description of ourselves and interesting things that have happened to us. Then we had a good look at the Blog and found out how it will be very useful to us.

As for homework, the only thing I want you to do for tonight is to personalise your tray label. Make sure your name is CLEAR, apart from that decorate it however you wish. The amount of effort you put into this small task will say a lot about you and your approach to homework in the future. For example, today two boys tried to rush and do this task before the end of the day, making hardly any effort, just to get it done. This tells me a lot about them, and I will be keeping a close eye on them for their future homework tasks!

See you tomorrow for another busy day. Remember your USBs as it is ICT tomorrow!

Mrs. W.

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