Saturday, 25 September 2010

Today's homework etc...

Hi Folks,
Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks to all those who gave in their homework. There are a couple of people who still need to organise themselves to bring the right things to school. You are in Y5 now, we should NOT have to write 'remember your PE kit on Saturday in your diaries!'
If you have an injury, you need to bring a note to say why you can't do PE or swimming.

1.Please READ for 20 mins and/ or work on your reading log task.

2. Have a look at your spelling list, and start to learn how to spell them AS WELL AS learning their meanings. These are words we need to become familiar with in this ITU. There will be a test on these on Wednesday. LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK. The activity in your spelling book will help you remember the definitions.

3. Daily Maths. Do ONLY part 1 in your maths homework book. That means PART ONE ONLY, not the whole sheet.

Have fun!
Mrs. Ward

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