Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Thanks for doing your homework yesterday. Everybody except one brought it in. Let's try for EVERYONE next time.

Today's homework then...
1. Practise the 4 and 7 times table tonight. We will have a mini test on these tomorrow. I need to find out who knows which of the times tables. If you already know them, just recap the facts.

2. Write 3 targets for yourself for Term 1. Do these in your jotter and use the notes we wrote today to help you make the targets SMART.

Specific - clear and precise
Measurable -you can check whether or not you have done it.
Achievable - YOU can achieve it.
Realistic - it is not impossible or too difficult.
ime related - to be done by the end of Term 1

You don't need to bring the targets until SATURDAY, so you can think about it over the weekend.

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. W XXX

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