Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
Thanks to all those who returned their Open House Evening slip. It was 12 out of 19 of you. Not bad, but it could have been better! Can the others please bring theirs tomorrow please?
Today we decided on how we would like to choose the Golden Book person each week. We agreed that a fair way of doing it would be to put everyone's name in a pot, choose one out each week and then discuss what that person has done in the week to make us all proud... The funny thing was, LUKE came out of the pot today!!!
Even though he is already Pupil of the Week! WHAT an amazing coincidence. Luckily, because Luke has been a model student, it was easy to think of what to nominate him for on his Golden Slip....Who will it be next week I wonder???

Homework today:
1. Daily Maths part 4. (I have spent quite a bit of time explaining this in class today,so I hope it is clear!)
2. Make sure you have made a good job of your Reading Log task as tomorrow is book changing day. If you haven't done a GOOD job of your task, I will not give you your new book!
3. Spend some time on your Home Town Project. Today I have given you a checklist to help you decide whether or not you have included all the sections.

This week is going so fast. I can't believe we will be choosing a NEW Pupil of the week tomorrow!.

Have fun,
Mrs. W.

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