Sunday, 31 October 2010


Hi Folks,
So Sorry I couldn't get NEAR the internet last night, it was one of those manic afternoon/ evenings in the WARD household!.
Yesterday I gave you a stapled set of sheets which are times tables practice. Do a bit of these EACH night this week to practise especially the tables you do not know. We are having a MEGA Times Table Test on Wednesday, so I can work out which ones you do know and which ones we still need to learn.
Reading is EVERY DAY remember. You should read, discuss your book and be doing a great job on your Reading Log Task. The reading records are very patchy at the moment. Some are signed daily. Well done parents! Others don't seem to have been looked at much. Please make READING a priority. Developing fluency in reading and discussing books has a good effect on lots of other learning; increasing vocabulary, helping concentration and developing good work habits.

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