Saturday, 16 October 2010

Today in Y5.5

Hi Folks,
Phew! What a busy day! (Aren't they all?)
Today we had the very last of our Home Town Project Presentations by Aqilah, we chose the new Pupil of the Week (Riad), and Nouri and Nisha had a go at teaching maths. It's all in a day's work!
First of all, today's homework..
1. Daily Maths 1 - It's converting times from am to pm and vice versa.
2. Spelling Task - Use the new spellings to complete the activity. You should have the meanings of the more difficult words in your notebook.
3. THE ISLAND - part one - draw an island from your imagination. We have been through this in class, but re-read the instructions and make sure you fulfill ALL the task criteria on the sheet. You won't need the map until Monday.

Now Aqilah's presentation. Wow! We were all very impressed with Aqilah. She did a stunning presentation about Kuala Lumpur. She combined a colourful and informative Powerpoint slide show with a model of a tin mine to explain the development of the city to the class. She was very well prepared and obviously learned a lot from conducting her research. A confident delivery meant that everyone got the most from this lovely presentation. Well done Aqilah.
That completes the class presentations, and I have to say I have really enjoyed watching and listening to you all.

Nouri and Nisha had a go at explaining the long method of addition today (Nisha needed the aid of a chair so she could reach the board!) It's great when class members are confident and they can explain to their friends. Did you know that a good way of checking whther or not you understand something, is to try and explain it to someone else? They did a super job! As well as enjoying themselves.

Have a good evening! I'm off to the doctors!
Mrs. W.
PS I am having trouble uploading the photos, so I will leave it for now and try again later. Hooray, the photos worked finally (10pm) Hope you're all in bed by now, so you won't see them until tomorrow!

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