Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Today in Y5.5!

Hi Folks,
WE WON THE SPACE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH AH HA!!!!!!!!
(Not that we are competitive or anything)

We were officially the first class to reach the target of 100 space related items. (Although Ms. Harries' class did get more than 100 like us! but we got there FIRST!)

It has to be said that Luke and Nizar are the real winners as they brought in many, many items. In fact along with Kareem, they brought in 3/4 of the class total!!!! Luke did say that Xander inspired him to bring in more things with his amazing brain, so all four of the boys were given a 'Teacher's Award' Badge today for their great contribution to the class.
Well done boys, you are true enquirers!!!!

Officially we don't give holiday homework, BUT I have given you a new reading book and new task. Also you need to finish your play script about Krindlekrax if you have not already done it. (Faisal and Ryan have :-))

Have an AMAZING and well deserved holiday. You're a great class!

Mrs.W. XXX

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