Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Day of Practical Activities!

Hi Folks,
What a busy day we had today: Making our papier mache moon surfaces - We got all gluey, ripped a lot of newspaper up and created some very interesting craters, moon rocks and mountains.
We also went outside and measured the relative distances between the Earth, moon and the sun. We worked out that if the moon was the size of a grain of sand, the Earth was as big as a peppercorn and the sun was the size of a beach ball, the moon would be 9cm away from the Earth and the Sun would be 26 metres away. Can you see Nouri 26 metres away, holding the sun? Firas and Leena are pointing to where the Earth and Moon would be.

Today's homework is Daily Maths 3, reading and reading log. (It's Arabic homework day today)

Mrs. Ward.

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