Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Today's Homework

Hi Folks,
We all got spruced up today for our class photo! Let's hope it's a gorgeous one! (I don't doubt it!)
Today can you do, PCM....goodness me, I forgot the page number. It's a word problem page... I will go back into school and check.
The other activity is really for the weekend. We are going to design and make a simple game for YE children to play. They need practising counting in steps and we're doing an exciting topic about Space...put the two together and we could REALLY have fun together!!
Read the detailed instructions I gave you today. You can use the coloured card I gave you but you don't have to.
KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use either a grid format (like Snakes and Ladders) or a pathway type game. You have images on the sheet to give you an idea. Let's see how creative you can be...
Bring them on Saturday, then we will choose the best ones to take down to YE and share with the children.

Have fun with it, and show how imaginative you can be!

Don't forget, it's reading book changing day tomorrow (apart from the 'free-readers), so make sure you've got your task completed from your current book.

Have a good evening.

Mrs. Ward.

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