Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sports Day!

Hi Folks,
We all had an exciting but exhausting day today at Sports Day! I couldn't take pictures as I was too busy running the Hula Hoop/ Water Station. I will pinch someone else's photos though when I've seen them!
I tried really hard, but found that I was terrible at hula hooping, but I was really good at VIRTUAL hula hooping. I can do the hip swirling, but can't keep the hoop going :-(
I was really proud of all of you once again, and especially proud of how welcoming you were of the Japanese students from the Japanese School that joined us. It is lovely for them to be able to join in our sports day as they don't have enough students to have their own sports day. I heard many of you praising the children and telling me how good they were at the events. Great sportsmanship!

Apart from giving you new reading books, I am letting you off homework this weekend. (Except the three of you who are travelling this weekend - you have a sample of what we'll be doing next week in class. Also - keep an eye on the Blog if you have Internet access)

Have a well-deserved rest this weekend.
Mrs. Ward

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