Sunday, 12 December 2010

Visit to YE today!

Hi Folks,
We went down to Mrs. Gouws' class during our break today and had a lovely time sharing our games with the YE children. They were scared at first, but soon warmed up to the lovely Y5 children, who once again showed great patience and caring towards the younger children.
Mrs. Gouws took lots of photos which I will add later.
A great time time was had by all.

Today is an Arabic homework day, but please do Daily Maths 2. READ something and have a look at your spelling lists. You have have your own lists this week, which are revision for the term.

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. Ward
PS DO you like the new Star constellation background? Any comments?


Sabrina's Corner said...

Hey Mrs.Ward
I like the new background!
It matches are topic astronomy.

Kim Ward said...

Yes, I thought so too!