Sunday, 27 February 2011

Short break but we're back!

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the lapse in service recently. Welcome back after the long weekend!
It felt very strange coming back on a Sunday today!
Today you should all be in bed by now, but as it is an Arabic homework night, you only had Daily Maths part 1 and reading to do.
Everyone has chosen their own individual spelling list this week. You should also have written ten decent length sentences from the words. If you haven't you need to get them done this week. We will do our spelling test on Saturday next week as you have 20 words and some of your have chosen very challenging ones!
See you tomorrow,
Mrs. Ward
By the way, let's all wish Riad and Dylan the very BEST of Y5.5 luck as they had their Grade 1 theory exams for Music today. They were both a bit nervous, but came back happy, so let's hope that's a good sign. We LOVE it when people in our class achieve extra things, so well done to both boys for having a go and we all look forward to the results!

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