Saturday, 5 March 2011

Parents' Evening, part 1

HI Folks,
Well sorry it's late but as you know I have been at school since 7:30 am and have just had time to get home, have a snack and a good old cup of tea. It was the first round of the PTCs tonight, and it was lovely to see the 9 sets of parents that came. Fortunately mostly it was good news, so that made the evening a lot more enjoyable for everyone. It made me realise how you have come a long way since September which made me very proud (and your parents I am sure).

Tonight I know you did not have Daily Maths due to technical difficulties, but you do have a new Spelling list and two new reading books and activities to get your teeth into. I will give you extra Maths on Monday to make up for it ;-)

I was very pleased to give out your certificates today for your presentations. You all worked so hard on them and you deserve to get good feedback. I am sure if you keep them, in the future you will still be proud to look back on your achievement.

Enough now, we ALL need to get to sleep and be fresh for tomorrow.
Mrs. W.

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