Saturday, 12 March 2011

Today in Y5.5

Hi Folks,
Today we saw Dylan come to school under the weight of all his medals after he and Riad had swum their hearts out at the 'Jeddah Classic' this weekend. I will attach a picture tomorrow as I forgot my camera, So both boys, if you bring your medals in tomorrow I will make sure you appear in the Y5.5 Blog Hall of Fame! We are always proud of our class members when they take part in extra activities and especially if you have done your best. Medals are a bonus. The main thing is that you show your commitment every week to the team and that you have a sense of personal achievement. Well done to both of you!
Today's homework:
If you didn't complete your spelling activity, you need to do that! (Even though it was class work) Make sure you write decent sentences. I do not want ANY that are as simple as 'I am a writer.' Add details, adjectives, ambitious vocab., the WORKS!
Daily maths 1 is straight forward vertical addition.
Make sure you have a go at writing the poem tonight if you haven't already done it. Tomorrow morning we will be coming up with a class poem, either choosing the best from our class or joining people's ideas together to make a joint class one. Read the instructions I gave you on Wednesday.
You also ALL have new Reading Books and two new tasks to do for the week.
Pace yourselves, don't rush them all tonight.

See you tomorrow.
PS Don't forget your cinema night money if you want to come on Wednesday to 'Despicable Me'. It's a great movie and well worth watching.


Nizar Naamani said...

Mystery Question #12=Centrifugal force is not a real force, it is a myth. What you are actually referring to is centripetal force.

Kim Ward said...

You are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too clever for me.