Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Today in Y5.5

Hi Folks,
We had more fun with electric circuits today, testing conductors. Enjoy the photos. You are getting much better at recording your work more scientifically, so well done on that.
Today I am only giving you Daily math4 and Reading/ Log tasks, plus to be ready for your presentation/ talk about magnetism tomorrow if you didn't do it today.
Apologies to Kareem and Nisha who volunteered to do theirs today but then we ran out of time.

Dylan started off the whole thing with a fantastic PowerPoint Slide show explaining how the Bullet Train works. A hard act to follow. Aboudi and Ryan also showed that they had worked hard to gather the relevant information and all of the boys spoke clearly and confidently. I'm very impressed so far. We will see the rest tomorrow.

Mrs. Ward
PS a huge bucket of good luck to Kareem who performs tonight in the Roots and Shoots talent show in the Russ Law Hall. All tickets are SOLD OUT, so I hope you've got yours!

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