Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Final Day: Competition Day!

HI Folks, Well, you know what they say: All good things must come to an end. Today marked our last day on the beach and it was another brilliant day. You had to work as teams this morning for a series of tricky challenges. Everyone was trying their best for the team which was great to see. Enjoy the pictures...
Tomorrow: Back to reality. POETRY RECITAL day. If you didn't do yours last Wednesday you will have to do it tomorrow as we have to choose the class winner tomorrow.
See you then.
Mrs. Ward XXX

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llilu said...

Hey Mrs.Wards class

That looks like a really fun day. What beach is that? WHy did you go to the beach? You're lucky because it looks like it was a sunny day.
Go on google and type in lizzo's den, crazy kids den and don't forget the best blog ever our teachers blog mr t w's blog at


thanks for reading my coment
love llilu(: