Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tuesday already!

Hi Folks,
Here is your homework for today:
1. Daily Maths 3
2. PCM Page 82 (Rounding Decimals)
3. Decorate the TWO separate covers for the Plants and Feelings topics. You need to do one that has the word FEELINGS on it somewhere prominent, and the other one must have the word PLANTS on it somewhere. You can do it on a computer as long as you have the words on there. You can draw or import images which you think match with the theme of the topic. Stick the FEELINGS cover on the outside front cover of your new ITU book. Stick the PLANTS one on the back cover. It's as simple as that folks! You MUST remember to bring your books in to school tomorrow as we need to finish the 'scream' work and other work in that book.
4. Read and work on Log tasks.
5 Spelling test tomorrow.

Plus if you have not yet brought in your instrument, the deadline for those is BY Wednesday 15th June, just so you know.

See you tomorrow,
Mrs. Ward xxx
PS hope you like the new green look of the Blog to go with 'Plants'. Actually it also goes with 'Feelings' as I love trees and they make me feel happy. :-)

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