Sunday, 5 June 2011

Welcome Back! and today's homework

Hi Folks, Well I hope you all made the most of your day off yesterday! The Ward family had 12 hours of people packing boxes of our stuff ready for shipping to Cebu. I can tell you I have gone right off the sound of brown parcel tape (and I wasn't that keen on it to begin with!!!)
Today is officially Arabic homework day, BUT you still have daily maths and some of you have a spelling activity and your handwriting sample to finish. (Some people managed to finish it in class).
Sorry to those who still have not had a chance to do their Vision Aid or Sightsavers presentations. Time ran away with us on Wednesday and also today, as we had to fit in changing everyone's reading books and new spelling lists which we normally do on Saturdays. It's always busy in Y5.5.
Tomorrow we WILL do the remaining presentations so be prepared.
Quite a few people have now brought in their musical instruments now and I have been VERY impressed with the quality. I will add some pictures tomorrow so the rest of you know what you're aiming for.
Until tomorrow...
Mrs. Ward.

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