Sunday, 12 October 2008

Today's Homework

OK it was all a bit of a rush today but you should have all stuck this in your homework diaries:

Focused Research Questions:
Mir Space Station and International Space Station:
When was the Mir Space Station first launched?
Why did the Russians stop using ‘Mir’?
Which 5 countries are working together on the International Space Station?
Why could the ISS not be placed in Orbit in one piece?

To help find the answers look at:

You need to look at the sites I have given you and read the pages and try to find the answers to the questions. Write the answers in your grey home work book. We will be copying this up into topic books later in the week.

If you haven't got internet, you will find this practically impossible, unless you have super clever parents!
Try your best.
Mrs. W.


lilian said...

Dear Mrs.Ward I now finaly am in the blog but a am realy realy strugling with question number 2 and4 can you please give me hints from: lilian

lilian said...

It took me three hours to commplete but I still didnt I might not be able to finish can you please not be disapointed from:lilian