Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Today's Homework

1. PCM page 29 is just practice adding 4 digit numbers. We've been doing it in class this week so it should be straight forward. Remember, you have been shown an estimate and given the answer, you have to find the two numbers that make the sum correct from the numbers in the stars at the top of the page.

2. Draw a plan of your bedroom. Make up a key to show horizontal and vertical lines.

For this you have been given squared paper. Draw a plan to show where everything is in your bedroom; your bed, cupboards other furniture etc. Then choose one colour for all the horizontal lines you have drawn, and a different colour for the vertical ones. Write a key at the side to show which colour represents which. All other types of line; diagonal or curved can be drawn with a normal pencil, no need to colour-code this.

The whole point of this is for you to show me that you know the difference between horizontal and vertical and you can identify them. Make sure you draw it neatly as you WILL be needing your plans for some further work next week on parallel and perpendicular lines.

PLEASE USE A RULER to draw all straight lines.

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